Dear Meat is a collection of submitted letters to and from anything or anyone.

Post Office Project

Dear Blue,

It’s been a year and a day since our first date. It’s been a week shy of 13 months since I first laid eyes on you. It’s been 9 months and 4 days since you showed up on my doorstep to tell me you couldn’t do this anymore, and it’s been just under 2 days since we talked about everything. I’ve finally said everything I needed to say. How much you hurt me, every day I still remember, all the awful things you said, did, or rather didn’t say nor do. We talked about how you couldn’t commit to me right after you told me how heartbroken you are now that she wouldn’t do the same for you. I stood by while my heart felt like it was put in a dunk tank, just like I always have. I said everything. Everything but the fact that although I should hate you, refuse to see you, and not even be nice to you, I still find myself falling in love with you, just as I was a year ago today. That I miss you, I’ve missed you every day since you walked away, and that this time, this week, today, I’m getting you back. This time, you’re not going to want to let me go, I’m not gonna let you go, I’m not gonna miss you, and you’re gonna love me.

No longer afraid,


Dear Love,

I dont have adjectives and words that rhyme in such a way that will make other people get goosebumps. What I have are facts. I know that you give me goosebumps. I know that one of the most exhilarating moments of my life, was that night we watched Away We Go. And I know how incredible it was when you rolled over the night after and pulled me into you and whispered that you loved me. Even though I was barely awake enough to hear. I know that, that moment is one of my most prized memories. I know that you make me cry, because I care so much about you. I know that you make me jealous at first, and then I realize that you would never, so I stop worrying. I know that when you hurt me, or upset me in any way you are painfully unaware. Because, you would never hurt or upset me if you were aware. I know that you love me. I know that the day that we almost ended. The day that you looked at me and told me you didn’t think we were going to make it, you stayed with me anyway. I know that you don’t do that. I know that you don’t stay if you aren’t happy or if you aren’t hopeful. You don’t. You don’t stay in relationships that aren’t beneficial and you won’t stay with me if you don’t think you can make me happy. But you stayed. You stayed and you tried. And I haven’t needed to hear you tell me that you love me to know, ever since. Because you being with me, you being my partner, its proof enough. I know that you told me after we had sex that you loved me. I know that it was the first time any one has ever made love to me opposed to fucking me. I know that I can count on you. I know that even though we aren’t in some honey moon phase where everything is wonderful and giddy, that I am happy. I know that even though we aren’t compatible in certain areas, that I am happy. I know that even though we have a history that I am not too fond of, I am happy. I know that despite every incompatibility, or flaw, or past mistake, that I want to be with you. I want this to work with you. I want to love you. I want to stay with you. I want a future with you. You are who I want, you are what I want, you aren’t perfect but I want you anyways. And I know that I’m not perfect and you want me anyways. And that is why I know that we are good for each other. You are my love, you are my partner. I don’t have adjectives, metaphors, and analogies to profess my love for you. And honestly, I don’t need them.

Signed Sincerely, 


 Everything is so fucked up. I’m so damn tired of everything being so complicated. Every time I feel I finally found out how to act around you, something messes everything up.

Now here what’s going on for me: I told you I loved you, and even though I wasn’t really expecting the same from you, it still fucking hurt as hell when you said nothing, when your face remained unshaken, complete poker face. Now here’s why I blame you: you said that you feared that moment so much. I don’t know whether you were confused or trying to be honest but, seriously? Is that all you’ve got to answer? Do you realize how painful that was, that all of my feelings were seen, not only as something unwanted and embarrassing, but threatening, annoying, a fucking nuisance, when it took so much courage for me to spill it out. And finally, added to that total lack of empathy, if you feared that moment, then why the fuck did you acted so ambiguously??? Seriously, you cannot act the way you did around a girl who might be in love with you, you just don’t. You make things clear, you establish boundaries and shit, you don’t go around telling her that she’s pretty and that you think you have an ‘intimate’ relationship even though you mean it in a friendly way.

Finally, I’m just astonished by the fact that you have nothing to say about it.

It kills me that nothing changed in our behavior between the day I told you and the next morning. I can’t go on pretending nothing changed because things did changed. Now that I wanna talk to you, you’re scared and acting as if you weren’t because you want things to be cool and you’re so damn frightened that the situation might change. But, hello, it will change anyway. I’m not gonna express my love again, rest assure, I just need to tell you that I am ready to move on, because this is important to both of us I think. I need to tell you that I’m mad at you for acting like shit, but that I finally grasped a future in which we would be friends and as close as now, in which I wouldn’t love you.

I just hate that you go around pretending everything is fine when loving you and being rejected influenced so much the way I act around you. I can’t talk back to you, criticize you as I used to do, and I think too much, care too much about your opinion, every twitch of your mood. I’m finally seeing a way out of that but it can only work if you listen to me and agree to put a new milestone here, to acknowledge that something happened.

Hoping we will finally sort our way outta here,



I don’t know what’s going on between us. You’re telling me that everything has changed when I see myself still madly in love with you. You’re desperate to leave, while I’m desperate to make you stay. Everyone thought that we were perfect. But nobody knows.. I thought we were perfect, but I feel you slipping away from my hands. You don’t care anymore and it breaks my heart. I smoke so much more weed now so that the pain would go away, but it’s still there. It’s not as numbing as it was and I can’t escape reality anymore. You’re the only person that can make me undeniably happy, but you’re so miserable with me. What did I do? Where did I go wrong? I feel like I owe you so much.. Days are so much longer without you. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else, yet you’re so eager to play little hearts. Break little hearts. I love you so much and I always will. I keep thinking how we were like before and it hurts so much because it will never be like that again. I will never feel that again. If only there was something I could do to make you fall in love with me again. I miss how we were…

All my love,
Beautiful Moon

Dear ‘Things Happen for a Reason’,

My handsome, smart, lovely boyfriend has struggled to get a proper job and find his place in the professional world for almost five years now.  I have watched him receive rejection letter/email after rejection letter/email.  It is time you stop this and send him something good.  He has achieved so much, an undergraduate degree, a law degree, passed two bars and still no one will budge and give him a job.  I love him so very much, but our relationship can only take so much of this.  I will keep standing by him, but please try to make this a little easier for us.  He needs to feel proud and like he is contributing to society and is worth something.  He needs you to let him in, I need this too.  I think we have proven our devotion to each other and should get a break.  If I hear my mother say ‘things happen for a reason’ one more time while this situation does not change I am going to cry.  I know there are so many others that have less than us so feel guilty even asking for this favor, please take pity on us and help. 

-A girl who can’t see her lover in pain anymore