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dear katy perry

while i am usually a big fan of most anything California, being a native Californian and all, especially living so far away in Santiago and all and missing it and everything…but ive never really taken a liking to you. which is fine. because i like, dont know where youre from or anything, just like you have no idea what your style is, blue haired raver one day, sophisticated sailor the next. and while im all for chameleon antics, i just cant get behind it. 

your new song “california gurls” makes me want to die. is that what california is? i think someone already wrote that song. i was called “california girls” and it was by the beach boys. and it was much better. and having snoop drop on the tracks doesnt give you cred it just confuses his fans. and whats with the spelling error? was that because someone already wrote a song with that title or because youre trying to be edgy? riot gurrrls? 

you and miley should go “put your hands up” and have a party in the usa. this is rediculous.


this norcal GIRL

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