Dear Meat is a collection of submitted letters to and from anything or anyone.

Post Office Project

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The art of writing a real, personal, letter.  

It’s a medium that’s dying out due to a modern era of quick, electronic exchanges of information.  The hope, then, is to bring back this revealing and powerful experience as a tool to help, reach out to, and assuage others.  

The Post Office Project involves you, a pen or pencil (or if you wish a keyboard), and a few moments of your time.  Every month, someone new will be revealed who could use words of support, encouragement, and conversation.  Their story will be shared, and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in that story by writing a letter of your own, with your own stories, emotions, and experiences.  

Submitted letters remain as they are—within the envelopes they’re placed in.  They’re mailed to us, placed in a package as the month comes to an end, and mailed off together.

If you or you know a person, group, or community that could use letters of support and encouragement, let us know.  Email us at so that we can work together to spread good words through letters and, with hope, reinvigorate an age-old process.   

The information we need:

- The potential recipient’s first name
- The situation you/they are going through
- The sort of letters you/they could use
- The address in which the package of letters can be mailed to (this will not be revealed publicly)
- Any information you feel like sharing

We won’t post any personal information that you don’t want to be revealed—just be sure to let us know what information you want us using for showcasing.  

Once a Post Office Project is up, we invite others to submit letters to the individual(s) represented.  

Words are exemplary tools—it’s our job to use them however we can.